About The Firm

Saible Law Group, P.A.

Saible Law Group, P.A. is a full-service litigation firm committed to zealously representing individuals and businesses in and out of the courtroom. Notably, we represent individuals around the country who have suffered adverse reactions to vaccines, as well as self-insured companies and private businesses across the state of Florida. 

The firm represents clients for adverse vaccine reactions, construction defects, premises liability, negligent security, commercial litigation, products liability, automobile negligence, professional liability, first-party property, bad faith, and several other types of claims.

Saible Law Group, P.A. prides itself on promptly evaluating claims in accordance with our clients' reporting guidelines and requirements. We work hard to keep our clients updated on case developments to allow for timely and fair case evaluations.

We relentlessly advocate on our clients' behalf in ways that larger and more commercial firms are incapable of. However, we also understand the importance of handling each case as if it will be proceeding to trial. To this end, we rely on our experience, dedication, and unrivaled persistence in staying one step ahead of the opposition.  

And while the number of claims in Florida may continue to rise, our goal in each case remains the same: to get you the best possible result while keeping you informed in the process.

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