First Party Property & Coverage Attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida

Saible Law Group, P.A. defends a variety of insurance carriers for first-party property and coverage claims. We handle an array of claims made under both personal and commercial insurance policies, including:

  • Damages to real property

  • Damages to personal property

  • Declaratory judgments

  • Assignment of benefits

  • “Bad faith” claims

  • Competing claimants

  • Coverage exclusions

  • Material misrepresentations

  • Fraudulent and exaggerated claims

Saible Law Group, P.A. uses its experience and genuine understanding of first-party claims to provide quality representation for its clients. The firm prides itself on promptly evaluating claims in compliance with the company reporting guidelines and requirements. We work hard to keep adjusters updated on case developments to allow for timely and fair settlements and dismissals.

However, because we know that Florida is riddled with inflated and fraudulent first-party claims, we understand the importance of defending each case properly and with the knowledge that it may proceed to trial. We believe this strategy is particularly important when defending first-party claims as the Plaintiff's firm oftentimes accepts and litigates cases solely because of their entitlement to attorney's fees and costs.

According to a recent Florida report, the fees paid out to Plaintiff's attorneys in first-party insurance claims were approximately $10.8 billion, which was 7-8 times greater than the damages ultimately paid to plaintiffs/insureds. Unfortunately, this trend has been exacerbated by recent legislation and Florida Supreme Court decisions on multipliers and the Concurrent Causation Doctrine.  

But while the amount and uncertainty of first-party claims in Florida may keep rising, our goal in each case will remain the same: to get the best possible result while keeping our clients informed in the process.

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