Construction Defect Attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida

Construction is one of the leading industries in the United States, serving commercial, residential, municipal, and industrial clients alike. When customers feel they have identified a flaw in a construction project, they may file construction defects liability claims against you. Allegedly faulty work on a property can result in substantial financial penalties—that is, if you don’t have the proper defense on your side.

At Saible Law Group, P.A., we defend a variety of individuals in the construction industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, developers, property owners, design professionals, and more. Reach out to us in St. Petersburg, Florida, today if you have been accused of faulty or dangerous construction in Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, Bradenton, or any of the surrounding areas.

Construction Defect Claims We Fight Back Against

Our legal team has years of combined experience representing the rights of individuals and entities in complex issues involving:

  • Construction defect claims

  • Design defect claims

  • Contract drafting & review

  • Contractual disputes

  • Project delay & impact claims

  • Construction accident & injury claims

  • Licensure complaints

  • Liens & bonds

  • Professional liability (E/O claims)

When an individual or entity is pursuing legal action against you, turn to us. We’ll review your case, get to know the facts, and strive to reduce the effect that litigation may have on your reputation and your future success.

Many defect claims are unnecessary, as they may stem from minor client dissatisfaction, rather than a failure on your part to comply with the terms of a contract. Breaches of contracts between contractors and clients, or contractors and subcontractors, are responsible for many of these claims. However, there are many other reasons why a party may file a claim against you, including negligence, warranty, failure to pay, or even fraud. No matter the circumstances surrounding your legal matter, allow us to take the lead.



Types of Construction Defects

There are different types of defects that someone may claim, including obvious defects—like incomplete work. However, less obvious issues, such as latent defects, aren’t immediately apparent or may manifest in the future. For example, if a newly installed roof leaks after a rainstorm, the property owner may try to file a defects claim against you or your company. Someone may even falsely file a claim against you for an architect or engineer’s error, like miscalculated measurements or unpleasant design choices. 

Choose Saible Law Group, P.A. for Representation

While the amount and exposure of Florida construction claims continue to rise, our goal in each case remains the same: to seek the best possible result while keeping our clients informed in the process. It may be preferable to seek a solution outside the courtroom, but we’re not afraid to go to trial to advocate for your best interests. You can trust that when you choose Saible Law Group, P.A., you’re in good hands.

We rely on our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of Florida’s construction and insurance industries to provide quality representation to those who need it most. If you’re seeking cost-effective, efficient legal counsel, don’t wait to reach out to us. We’ll strive to fight for your rights in the face of damaging construction defect claims. 

If you operate in Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, Bradenton, or any of the surrounding areas of Florida, schedule an initial consultation with us in St. Petersburg today to get the advocacy you deserve. In addition to our construction defect claim defense services, we fight for those facing accusations of premises liability, professional liability, automobile negligence, and more.

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